Photo Albums

How you store your photos are stored has a major impact on your emotional connection to them. My favorite forms or storage are, in order or preference, framing, albums, and boxes. A framed picture becomes a part of your subconscious: I can still vividly recall a trio of summertime photos of my sister taken when she was about five years old that hang in a frame in the entry hallway of my parents house–all the way down to the circles-and-squares pattern on her 1970s bathing suit.

Albums have a different impact. Opening an album is often a communal experience. You open an album with someone else to show them something important: your wedding, a trip you took, a year in your family’s life. One of the best things about an album is that it tells a story not just in the indivudual photos, but in the sense that putting something in an album marks it: this is what’s important to me, this is what I want to remember.

My favorite album maker, Karin Vance Chickadel, makes custom photo albums for me and for my wedding clients. Here’s one she made for me with a matching slipcase.

They’re beautiful, they’re solidly built, and unlike the albums you buy at stationery shop they don’t look like anyone else’s. Right now she’s working on one for me in brown suede…I can’t wait to see it! Karin works in a very cool group studio/store in Ballard called Venue. She’s Venue’s featured artist this month and you’ll be able to see her fabulous handiwork this Saturday, February 10th in Ballard’s Art Walk. The hours are 6 to 9 pm, and venue is located at 5408 22nd Ave. NW. Hope to see you there.

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