Monthly Archives: March 2007


One area of my photography that is underrepresented on this blog is event photography. Mostly I do events through a local company called Team Photogenic, and all the photos below were taken while working for them. Until I started doing event photography I had no idea Seattle had so many galas, charity auctions, luncheons, and […]

Anacostia Market

Shorpy, “the 100-year-old photo blog” has a photo posted today that reminded me of a picture I took last December in Washington, DC. Here’s the photo on Shorpy, taken by Louise Rosskam in 1941: And here’s the photo I took: At first I thought it was the same store: both are on N Street SE […]

Winter Beach

I spent last weekend at the beach down in Gearhart, OR. It was wildly stormy for most of the weekend, but it cleared up long enough for one good walk on the beach: I laid down on the sand for the photo below, not realizing that the wind rushing along the ground (and leaving the […]


Shauna Frischkorn, a photographer and photography teacher at Millersville University, has a fascinating series of photos of people playing video games. The facial expressions are wonderfully unselfconscious. Instead of being blank or dazed as they might be if the subject were watching TV, the faces of the gamers show a variety of emotions–fear, glee–but more […]


David Ichioka takes photos of people sleeping. He sets up cameras and strobes above their beds and takes photos periodically all night. They are unsurprising (people sleeping look just like you think they’d look) and surprising at the same time (some people move around a lot when they’re sleeping). Each series of 20 or 30 […]

Second in Command

There are many photographers around Seattle I love working for as an assistant or a second shooter, and the two I work for most often are Barbie Hull and Melanie Blair. I’ve been working for both of them for over three years now and I have learned so much by watching how they work–even now […]

Dogs in Pioneer Square

Tonight I went to the opening reception for a two-photographer show at the G. Gibson Gallery in Pioneer Square. One half of the exhibit was by John Divola called “Dogs Chasing my Car in the Desert” and the other half was by Eirik Johnson called “Animal Holes.” “Animal Holes” was a series of photos of […]