Second in Command

There are many photographers around Seattle I love working for as an assistant or a second shooter, and the two I work for most often are Barbie Hull and Melanie Blair. I’ve been working for both of them for over three years now and I have learned so much by watching how they work–even now it seems like every time I shoot for them I learn something new. Working alongside someone with a slightly different shooting style is a great way to open up your mind a little and think about how you can do things differently. In January I worked with Barbie on the wedding of Gretchen & Skip at the Seattle Tennis Club, and here are a few photos I took that day.

Gretchen getting ready:

I love it that you can see the lake out the window in that last one. It was a gray day and actually snowed a bit.

Another fun thing about being the assistant is that you can shoot very unobtrusively while the attention is on the main photographer:

And then there is the fun of love in the air–and visible on people’s faces:

This little guy was very interested in my camera:

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