One area of my photography that is underrepresented on this blog is event photography. Mostly I do events through a local company called Team Photogenic, and all the photos below were taken while working for them. Until I started doing event photography I had no idea Seattle had so many galas, charity auctions, luncheons, and so forth. Just take a look at Team Photogenic’s event listing and you’ll see just how much goes on every month.

Some events are a real treat to photograph. For example, last month’s opening night of the Modern Chinese Painting exhibit at the Seattle Asian Art Museum was my favorite kind of event. An exhibit I wanted to see, interesting speakers, and a beautiful venue (SAAM’s cool art deco building in Volunteer Park). The early VIP reception was held downstairs, with Asian themed table decorations, including dishes of white carnations that looked like bowls of rice.

After the reception and lecture everyone moved upstairs to look at the artwork:

Some events have local celebrities; KOMO 4 news anchor Molly Shen was the emcee at the Salute to Harborview auction:

I don’t think she expected this fireman to pick her up while she was presenting:

I also photographed Governor Christine Gregoire that night:

and General Shalikashvili, who was treated at Harborview after a stroke:

The events that are hardest to photograph are luncheons. It seems like a person’s interest in being photographed is directly proportional to how much effort they put into their outfit. At a black tie gala everyone wants a picture taken. At a luncheon they’re attending in the middle of their workday, not so much. Of course, someone like Miss Seattle is pretty much always up for a picture, as she was at the Go Red for Women Luncheon. She carries her crown in a lucite travel box:

But is more than willing to take it out for a photo:

These types of events provide an interesting counterpoint to the more personal photography I do for myself (weddings, portraits, fine art) and they expose me to a side of Seattle I barely knew existed…the side full of local beauty queens and TV anchors…

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