Monthly Archives: April 2007

Going Mobile

Last week I photographed two days of a multi-day workshop put on by T-Mobile. My favorite part of the whole thing was that the photos I took each day ended up in a very cool slide show playing on a big old wide-screen TV during breakfast the very next morning for all the attendees. So […]

Wedding: Van & Lee

A few weeks ago I assisted Laurel McConnell at the wedding of Van and Lee at the Smith Tower, with the reception at the Waterfront Grill. Although I’ve known Laurel for a few years now it was my first time working with her and it was a blast. Here are a few of the photos […]

Shark Complete!

And here is the final shark piñata! Not very ferocious, but quite handsome:

Shark In Progress

Tonight a certain shark-loving friend of mine is having a Mexican-themed birthday party. So naturally Steve and I had to make him a shark piñata. Here it is before getting its frilly tissue wrapping or its hideously sharp white teeth: I’ll post again with a picture of the final product.

Mother & Daughter Pictures

A few weeks ago I took some photos for Joanna and her daughter Teo. We started out at home just sitting out on their front steps …then we moved on to the nearby playground …on to the park adjacent to the playground …back home for some fun bubble blowing; tiny little bubbles landed all over […]

Wedding Catchup

So I’m a bit behind on posting recent wedding photos. I took the pics below a month ago while I was working with the fabulous Barbie Hull at the wedding of Cameron & Jazmine. Guys getting dressed in the men’s room at the Marysville Opera House: Late groomsman running with suit and shoes in hand: […]

Sally and Virginia Mann

Most people who see Sally Mann‘s photographs of her children, especially those in Immediate Family, probably wonder how her kids feel about the way their childhood was depicted in these very revealing, very public photographs. Although Sally does most of the talking in this brief interview on, her now-grown daughter Virginia gets a few […]