Sally and Virginia Mann

Most people who see Sally Mann‘s photographs of her children, especially those in Immediate Family, probably wonder how her kids feel about the way their childhood was depicted in these very revealing, very public photographs. Although Sally does most of the talking in this brief interview on, her now-grown daughter Virginia gets a few words in edgewise. And just as in the photographs, I get the feeling like the mother’s artistic vision overwhelms whatever her child’s feelings may be. That could be the result of editing, or it may be because of Virginia’s being what she calls a very private person. Take a look and decide for yourself.

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    One of my favorite photographers and series. PBS did a little special feature on her for their first season of ART 21. I bet you could get it at the library, it’s really good. When I taught photography it was a must see for my students. Her work is so deep and beautiful.

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