Monthly Archives: May 2007

Couple Portraits: Jennifer & Jeremy

I recently took some portraits for Jennifer and Jeremy in Volunteer Park, and I pulled out the fun medium format camera I’ve been playing with lately. It’s an old Yashica on loan from my friend Joe, and it’s been a fun challenge filling a square frame instead of the usual 2:3 rectangle. I still shot […]

Studio Shoot With Katy

My main exposure to the world of modeling comes from two sources: an ancient episode of the hilariously bad TV show “Get a Life” in which the star, Chris Elliot, pays $60 to attend the seedy Handsome Boy Modeling School, and Tyra Banks’ so-bad-it’s-good show “America’s Next Top Model.” But when Katy, whose wedding I […]


Two weeks ago I got to do something I don’t do very often: headshots. They were of another photographer, Aly Medina of La Luz Photography, who needed a new photo for her soon-to-be-updated website. We met online through the Digital Wedding Forum (a professional photography community), but when we saw each other in person we […]

June 22nd, 1941

Right now I’m reading Moscow 1941: A City and Its People At War by Rodric Braithwaite. It’s a fascinating book and I just finished a section on women in the Red Army and was astounded to learn that 800,000 women served in in the Red Army during WWII; roughly 40% of doctors at the front […]

I’m in the Stranger

So this week I have four (count ’em!) photos in the Stranger. My first Stranger photo ever ran last week, but they spelled my name wrong so I decided not to blog about taking photos for them until now. This week one photo is running with a review of Cedars up in the U district, […]