Monthly Archives: June 2007

Spit Hot Fire

Tonight I’m going to an event at the Spitfire Grill for party professionals, and I was reminded of the last time I was at that venue. It was December and I was shooting a holiday party for a video game company. I shot a mix of natural light photojournalistic stuff and traditional grip-n-grin using flash. […]


Steve went to the Mariners game today and I went to Belltown to shoot a bar photo for the Stranger, and afterwards we both met up at Shorty’s. I had all my gear with me from the shoot and Steve let me take a photo of him playing the Evel Knievel pinball game.

Update from Greece

I’m in Greece right now (in an internet cafe in Gytheio, to be exact) but I wanted to post a quick link to an article I wrote for It’s a defense of traditional wedding photography. You can read it here.


The blog’s going to be on break for two weeks while I’m sailing around the Mediterranean. So no updates for a while (unless the boat happens to have an internet connection), but I promise to post scads of photos from Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, and Italy once I get back. That and a bunch of photos […]

Recent Stranger Photos

I’ve done a few more bar and restaurant photos for the Stranger recently. The Steelhead Diner: the Double Header (according to the review, it’s the oldest gay bar in the country!): and Fadó Irish Pub: It’s fun having assignments like this–I love checking out new places and meeting the people who work there. And it’s […]

School of Rock

A friend of mine, Rob Hampton, is a guitar teacher here in Seattle. He gives lessons to both kids and adults, and twice a year he has something called the “Coffee Shop Jam.” It’s sort of like a recital, but much cooler and more laid back. The spring 2007 Jam took place at Caffe Bella, […]