Monthly Archives: July 2007

Pre-Wedding: Jennie & Kris

In general, when my friends ask if I’ll photograph their wedding, I try to steer them towards booking someone else. I’ve found that it’s hard to put my full energy into photographing a wedding and still really celebrate. I love shooting weddings, but it’s a different experience from being a guest: during the ceremony I’m […]

Blueberry Heaven

Berry picking is one of those things that scratches a deep itch for me. I think it’s some kind of primal hunter-gatherer thing. Today Keira, Jennifer and I went to the Mercer Slough and waded deep into the tall grass to blueberry heaven: an overgrown, abandoned commercial blueberry farm. There are two kinds of berries […]

Wedding: Cara & Mike

Although I’m knee deep in weddings these days, I’m so behind in blogging about them that I need to go back months to start catching up. All the way back to February, in fact! I’ll do my best to post more regularly until I catch back up to the present. So here are a few […]

Trip Photos

A recent email summed up a sentiment I’ve been seeing in my inbox a lot lately: “Get on posting those pics from the trip, will ya?” The reason it’s taken me so long is that while the trip was amazing, it was a tragedy photographically. Less than a third of the way into it my […]