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A recent email summed up a sentiment I’ve been seeing in my inbox a lot lately: “Get on posting those pics from the trip, will ya?” The reason it’s taken me so long is that while the trip was amazing, it was a tragedy photographically. Less than a third of the way into it my camera broke. (It was in my bag, my bag was dropped, the shutter broke.) And there was no way to get it fixed while in the small coastal towns we were visiting–believe me, I tried.

So the photos I have are all from Greece. There’s nothing from Montenegro, Croatia, or Italy. And although I enjoyed all the photos I took in the first few days, it was hard not to lament all the pictures I missed in all the other towns we visited. I’ve posted a few photos below and a few more on flickr here.

Shutters in Athens:

The Parthenon:

Side of a Santorini church:

We happened on a wedding in Santorini and it was fun to see the wedding photographer doing his thing:

Here he’s getting a shot of the bride and her dad:

Laundry hanging on Corfu:

Clouds and TV antennae:

For the rest of the set, click here.



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    what gorgeous photos – esp the Parthenon & the abstract Santorini church shot.

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