Pre-Wedding: Jennie & Kris

In general, when my friends ask if I’ll photograph their wedding, I try to steer them towards booking someone else. I’ve found that it’s hard to put my full energy into photographing a wedding and still really celebrate. I love shooting weddings, but it’s a different experience from being a guest: during the ceremony I’m focused on angles, light, and other abstractions instead of the hearts of the two people standing at the altar. It’s the difference between participation and observation. But when my very good friend Jennie got engaged to her honey, Kris, we came up with a great compromise: I’d take photos of all the behind-the-scenes stuff up until the actual ceremony, at which point I’d put away the camera and put on my party shoes.

The rainy morning began at Jennie and Kris’ house. I took the first photo before I got out of my car:

Here’s Kris off to load up the car:

Next we went to start the setting up at the Daybreak Star Center in Discovery Park:

Here’s Jennie in full-on producer mode (when she’s not busy getting married she works as a video producer). Unfortunately you can only see a smidgen of her color-coded wedding notebook:

Then we went downtown to get Jennie’s hair done at Spex:

Here’s Jennie talking with Kris on the phone:

Nervous and excited:

Checking out the ‘do:

Next was makeup at Ummelina:

Finally we went back to the Daybreak Star Center so Jennie could put on her dress and walk down the aisle! Here she is doing a little pre-ceremony stretching:

There were so many wonderful and unique things about the wedding that it’s hard to include them all. The ceremony involved strange beverages (Moxie, anyone?), instead of wedding cake there was wedding pie, Jennie’s dress was convertible (long and dreamy for the ceremony but with a few handy moves it became short and flirty for dancing), and we capped it off with the world’s best synchronized dance number to Olivia Newton-John’s “Xanadu.” It was an unforgettable evening, and I had so much fun celebrating Jennie and Kris and tearing it up on the dance floor without a camera in my hands…

(For more pre-wedding photos, click here.)


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  1. Martha
    Posted August 25, 2007 at 6:04 pm | Permalink

    Hey, these pics are so fantastic!! I can’t help but wonder how fantastic the photos of the Cha Xanadu Xtravaganza would have been. Ah, the very definition of not being able to have your cake and eat it too. We’ll talk soon, but I just had to try this whole – comment the blogger – thing. I like!

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