Coastal Camping

Steve and I went camping by the beach up near Kalaloch, WA two weeks ago. We drove up through Aberdeen, stopping at the Star Wars Shop, an amazing place not just for the amount of Star Wars-related merchandise, but also for the way it was clearly the outgrowth of one man’s deep, deep obsession. Steve bought a non-Star Wars item, a Captain Lance Murdock trading card. We drove around Aberdeen and found the house where Steve’s dad grew up, and then when I saw a billowing smokestack I was compelled to snap my first photo of the trip. I was using a medium format Yashica 6×6 camera, which is the kind that you look down at a ground glass to focus. I was so intent on getting the smokestack right where I wanted it in the frame that I didn’t notice I was being approached by a security lady until I’d already pressed the shutter. You can see her walking towards me right there in the middle of the photo.

The beaches out on the Olympic Peninsula are very different than the ones I grew up around. The amount of driftwood was staggering (and the signs saying “BEACH LOGS KILL!” were slightly off-putting), but they were beautiful nonetheless.

They also have an incredibly gradual drop-off; those little black specks are people wading out in shallow water:

All the soil around this tree had washed away leaving its roots completely exposed:

The last cup of camping coffee before we headed back to Seattle:

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