Wedding: Joelle & Aaron

There are certain things you expect at weddings: white dresses, vows, rings, cake, dancing. But every now and then I’ll photograph a wedding that has something unexpected in it, and Joelle and Aaron’s wedding was one of them. It was a wonderful surprise from the bride for her groom. I’ll get to what the surprise was in a second, but in the meantime, let me start at the beginning. Joelle and Aaron got married at the Lake Union Cafe, and Joelle’s bridesmaids helped her get into her dress in the cafe’s downstairs bride’s room:

The room has a big old mirror that gives everything reflected in it a wonderfully soft, dreamy look:

The day threatened to rain, but it held off long enough for us to take some portraits out in front of the cafe before the ceremony:

We took a few inside also:

And then it was time for the ketubah signing. I love the way Joelle is looking at Aaron in this one:

And the way Aaron is looking at Joelle in this one:

Then Aaron pulled the veil over Joelle…

…and it was time for the ceremony and the surprise. Joelle–without telling Aaron–had been practicing a song to sing for him as she walked down the aisle. Here she is, singing for him, while standing between her mom and dad at the back of the aisle:

And here is Aaron, hearing it and seeing her for the first time:

What a wonderful gift to give someone.

Then came dancing:



Chatting with guests:

And the hora!


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