If you’re not familiar with Camilla Engman’s blog, you should check it out for sure. Not only are her illustrations and photos a treat, but she posted a lovely spoon photo today; click here to see it in her flickr stream. Seeing this reminded me of another great pair of spoon photos I saw a few weeks back on hoping for happy accidents. All of this is a round-about way of letting you know that I’ll be posting more to Spoons I Have Loved soon. Right now I’m consumed with preparations for the giant Bridestravaganza that’s happening this weekend. Technically, the event is called “2007 Fall Bridal Spectacular,” and if you’re planning on going definitely stop by my booth (#439). I’ll be giving away two engagement portrait sessions, so stop by, say hi, and enter to win one of the engagement sessions. Once the weekend is over I’ll have a lot more time for fun stuff like posting photos of spoons and catching up on a few weddings I want to blog.

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