Monthly Archives: February 2008

Recent Restaurants

I’ve had some fun doing restaurant and bar photos for the Stranger lately; here are a few of them… Joule Txori La Spiga The Rendezvous Beacon Pub Can Can

Wedding: Nicole & Jimmy

Think back a few months…back before it was raining every day…back to when there were pretty yellow leaves on the trees. Way back when it was still fall, Nicole and Jimmy were married on a sparkling, sunny afternoon up in Bellingham, and I had the pleasure of documenting their wedding day. It began at Nicole’s […]

The High Price of Photo Gear

Here are two items I recently came across that blew my mind. The first one is clip from a Canadian TV program showing how camera lenses are made. I had no idea what an involved and painstaking process is required to make fine optics. I guess that explains why nice lenses cost so much. And […]