There’s a totally fascinating article in this week’s New Yorker on the undisputed master of the art of photo retouching, Pascal Dangin. He mostly works on fashion and advertising photos, including the images used in Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign. Did you know those photos were touched up? Seems contrary to the whole idea of “real beauty,” if you ask me. I read the whole thing in one sitting, totally absorbed. Weirdly enough, the before and after sample photo isn’t included in the online version, which is too bad because it shows so clearly the exact nature of his work. So read it online, but go flip through the real magazine if you get a chance.


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    I can just imagine how this article could have gone differently, were you less scrupulous…

    “The conversation turned to which shot to include of a guitarist in Seattle.

    ‘Maybe we could redo the ass.’

    ‘Yes, the ass is quite skinny.'”

    Keep the faith, Eliza!

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