Wedding: Danielle & Josh

Danielle and Josh got married a few weeks ago on a gorgeous (and very hot!) day in May. We started out taking photos with Danielle and her bridesmaids getting ready at the Watertown hotel in the University District. Here’s Danielle getting her makeup done:

And some bridesmaids:

Danielle’s shoes were complete showstoppers. Check ’em out:

Once her makeup was done, everyone wanted a photo:

Danielle and her mom, both looking completely radiant:

Meanwhile, over at St. Mark’s Cathedral, Josh’s dad was getting ready. That’s the priest (not yet in her vestments) fixing fixing his bowtie!

Then we started with some family photos outside in front of the beautiful chapel door. Here’s Josh and his mom:

Josh looking so handsome:

I love this set of three shots of Danielle seeing her dad as she arrived at the church:

Danielle, totally gorgeous:

Danielle’s younger brother arrtived wearing an excellent pair of shades…if you look closely I think you might be able to see me in the reflection:

I love this shot of Danielle’s and Josh’s dads cracking up together:

Danielle with her bridesmaids:

Josh with his groomsmen:

Guests start arriving at the church:

And then it’s time for the ceremony:

I love this photo of Daniellle’s mom laughing:

We took some portraits in the church after the ceremony, and Melanie Blair, an incredible wedding photographer who I’ve assisted many times, was second shooting with me. It was a real treat for me to have such a talented and experienced shooter working with me, and she grabbed this awesome shot of Danielle taking a break between group photos:

I think this next photograph is my favorite image of the day. Their look of complete contentment and togetherness is so vivid:

Guests clapping as Danielle & Josh arrive at the reception:

The music, by Darrius Willrich, was excellent. And that meant I got to take a ton of dancing photos, which I absolutely love:

These kids could barely wait until the cake was served:

It was such a treat to photograph this wedding–Josh and Danielle were both so relaxed and in the moment the whole day, and I think their joy really shows throughout the photos. Thanks to Josh and Danielle for including me, I enjoyed every minute of it!

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    wow, these are gorgeous! what a beautiful dress..and those shoes!!

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