Coffee Shop Jam

So a few weeks ago I got to photograph the Coffee Shop Jam for the second time. The Coffee Shop Jam is when all the students of Rob Hampton , guitar teacher extraordinaire, get to strut their stuff on stage in front of a real live audience.

It was my second time photographing the Jam (click here to see my photos from last time) and despite the name, this time it was not held in a coffee shop. Instead it was in a more glamorous venue, the Ruins. The Ruins had the advantage of a nice big stage, plenty of room for parents and other fans, and fabulous food, which everyone enjoyed between sets. It’s a testament to Rob’s incredible teaching and his connection with the kids he works with that some of the parents sponsored the event, donating both the space and the lunch.

I was amazed at the way kids as young as this little guy were so into music and were eager to get up on stage and play (that’s Johnny Cash peeking out from his shirt).

This amazing kid below performed songs he had written about the Civil War, inspired by stuff he was learning at school:

And there were plenty of grownup students performing, as well:

There was also a five man acoustical jam–these guys all take a group lesson together:

The guy second from the left in the photo above is the dad of the little guy in this photo below, who seemed to be enjoying the show:

Rob, along with bass teacher Brady Millard-Kish, and drum teacher Mark DiFlorio accompanied some of the the students as they performed, and the three of them got together to play a few songs sans students:

The song they played that stuck with me the most was “Cliffs of Dover,” which I hadn’t heard since I was in high school. Definitely brought me back for a moment; click here for a serious musical flashback.

The rest of the photos are posted on Rob’s website if you want to see more. It was a great day full of music and fun, and it all happened because one cool guitar teacher decided that his students deserved to be on stage. Thanks, Rob!


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    I love reading about all the cool jobs you do! Way to go!

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    Thanks, Jennifer!

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