Wedding: Jennifer & Bryan

Sometimes it’s the smallest weddings that are the most intense. Jennifer and Bryan’s wedding was tiny—just parents, siblings, two nephews and a friend. My total count was thirteen including the bride & groom. The ceremony was at the beautiful Parsons Garden in Queen Anne, and although the day was overcast, the garden was lush and vibrant.

When it was time for the ceremony, everyone just gathered in a circle in the garden and Jennifer’s father officiated. Jennifer’s mom and Bryan’s mom each read, and it got a little emotional!

We  took some photos around Queen Anne:

I loved Jennifer’s earrings…look out below for more photos of them…..

..and then headed we over to Golden Gardens for a few final photos.

Jennifer snaps a few photos of her own…

The reception was a few days later—I hope you guys had tons of fun, and congratulations to you both!


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