Monthly Archives: April 2009

Jennie, Kris, and Jesse

Right before Christmas last year, I took some photos for my good friends Jennie, Kris, and their adorable daughter Jesse. (You might remember JennieĀ  and Kris from the getting ready photos I took before their wedding a few years back.) Here are my favorites from the day! Moments like this crack me up: Thanks to […]

Wedding: Angela & Jack

At the end of last year I had my first wedding at the Shafer Baillie Mansion, a splendid bed & breakfast in a big sprawling Tudor mansion in Capitol Hill. The building is stocked with grand, ornate furniture worthy of its beautifully detailed woodwork. It was the perfect setting Angela and Jack’s small evening wedding. […]

Photographer: Chino Otsuka

Chino Otsuka photoshops her adult self into photos from her own childhood. You can seeĀ  a few of the images here on Wallpaper; I wish there were more to see! Via Kottke.

Wedding: Lisa & Steve

Technically, Lisa & Steve were married 20 years ago by a justice of the peace in their living room. But earlier this year when Lisa found out that her breast cancer was spreading, she knew there was one thing she really wanted. She wanted a real wedding. In a church, with a white dress, a […]