22 Photos of My Honeymoon

Six months ago Steve and I left on our honeymoon:  Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki. It was amazing and I want to go back; Helsinki was my favorite and Oslo was Steve’s. Here are 22 photos from the trip.


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    I love the one of all the greenery and the guy standing there in the middle in a green hoodie. It’s like where’s waldo goes green!

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    awesome shots – i know i’m totally childish, but that french hot dog sign completely cracked me up.

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    Same here, Jenny! It reminds me of one of my favorite scenes in the movie Role Models that features Jane Lynch and a bageldog.

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    These are great. A hot dog has never looked dirtier, and I want that chair.

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    Did I just see an Ikea stool? Hee hee….. the original that Ikea reproduced, I’m sure! Beautiful light, daaahhhlink!

  7. J.P.
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    Didn’t know French hot dogs were “sleeveless.”


  8. sbteaches
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    I loove the half-eaten piece of cake – makes me hungry and it’s lovely 🙂

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    what kind of camera/lenses were used for these? these photos are excellent. so crisp.

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    Hi Mina, these were all taken with my beloved Nikon D700.

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