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Portraits: The Carters

Last time I was on the East Coast visiting my family, I had the chance to photograph the family of an old friend I’ve known since middle school.  She’s all grown up and has a husband two kids now, with a third on the way.  We went to the playground I always went to as […]

Yesterday in the Park

Came across this pack of hula hoopers in Cal Anderson Park yesterday just before dusk.

The Other Side of the Camera

So I’ve been off the blog for a few weeks because I went and got married and spent two weeks hanging out in Scandinavia with my brand new husband. I’ll be posting images from some of my recent shoots soon, but in the mean time you can check out the awesome photos from the wedding […]

3 Weeks Away

I’m off to get married this weekend, and then I’ll be honeymooning for two weeks after that. So I’ll be back and blogging again starting on June 1st…see you then!

Jennie, Kris, and Jesse

Right before Christmas last year, I took some photos for my good friends Jennie, Kris, and their adorable daughter Jesse. (You might remember Jennie  and Kris from the getting ready photos I took before their wedding a few years back.) Here are my favorites from the day! Moments like this crack me up: Thanks to […]

Photographer: Chino Otsuka

Chino Otsuka photoshops her adult self into photos from her own childhood. You can see  a few of the images here on Wallpaper; I wish there were more to see! Via Kottke.

Good Dog

The other day as I was having tea at the Volunteer Park Cafe, I noticed this very sweet, very obedient dog waiting patiently for his owner.

Went to the Beach

I went to the beach in Oregon last weekend. Here are a few photos; all were taken with my Canonet rangefinder.

A New Old Camera

I had a big score this past weekend at a thrift store up in Lynnwood. I found a 1961 Canon “Canonet” rangefinder. Although I already have more than enough cameras, at $4.99 I couldn’t resist it. I just shot my first roll of film with it and I love how light and small it is.  […]


This past weekend I rented a tilt-shift lens. These lenses are meant for perspective correction in architectural photography, but I was really curious to try one out just to play with focal plane a little. Using a lens like this allows you to have a tiny little slice of a photo in focus: You can […]