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Photo Projects from Around the Web

So I’ve been posting a lot of cool photography and video projects on Facebook, and I realized that I should collect them all in one place on my blog! So here are a few of the interesting projects from other photographers and videographers that I’ve come across recently online. The True Love Project by Zack […]

The Other Side of the Camera

So I’ve been off the blog for a few weeks because I went and got married and spent two weeks hanging out in Scandinavia with my brand new husband. I’ll be posting images from some of my recent shoots soon, but in the mean time you can check out the awesome photos from the wedding […]

Photographer: Chino Otsuka

Chino Otsuka photoshops her adult self into photos from her own childhood. You can seeĀ  a few of the images here on Wallpaper; I wish there were more to see! Via Kottke.

Aly, Ben & Henry

Aly is a fellow wedding photographer (check out her beautiful work here) and I’d taken some headshots for her a while back, but this time she wanted family photos with her husband Ben and son Henry. We walked all over the Arboretum snapping photos along the way. It was so fun to trade ideas for […]

Paul Fusco’s RFK Funeral Train Images

The New York Times posted an incredible collection of photographs taken by Paul Fusco of the crowds that gathered to watch Robert F. Kennedy’s funeral train pass by. Take a moment and watch them here. Via


There’s a totally fascinating article in this week’s New Yorker on the undisputed master of the art of photo retouching, Pascal Dangin. He mostly works on fashion and advertising photos, including the images used in Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign. Did you know those photos were touched up? Seems contrary to the whole idea of “real […]

The Most Important Meal of the Day

I love this photo series of people and what they ate for breakfast. Each pairing of portrait and meal tells an instant mini-story. Via Kottke.

Sally and Virginia Mann

Most people who see Sally Mann‘s photographs of her children, especially those in Immediate Family, probably wonder how her kids feel about the way their childhood was depicted in these very revealing, very public photographs. Although Sally does most of the talking in this brief interview on, her now-grown daughter Virginia gets a few […]


Shauna Frischkorn, a photographer and photography teacher at Millersville University, has a fascinating series of photos of people playing video games. The facial expressions are wonderfully unselfconscious. Instead of being blank or dazed as they might be if the subject were watching TV, the faces of the gamers show a variety of emotions–fear, glee–but more […]


David Ichioka takes photos of people sleeping. He sets up cameras and strobes above their beds and takes photos periodically all night. They are unsurprising (people sleeping look just like you think they’d look) and surprising at the same time (some people move around a lot when they’re sleeping). Each series of 20 or 30 […]