Alexa, Shane and Abbey

So the last time I photographed Abbey she was just six weeks old. Her six month shoot coincided nicely with Christmas photos, and here are the adorable results! This cracked me up…at one point Abbey pulled her shoe off and started munching on it and her dad (who is a hilarious guy) took off his […]

Wedding: Kate & Rob

I have one last wedding from 2007 that hasn’t been on the blog yet–Kate & Rob got back from their honeymoon in February, and I didn’t want to post the photos until they had seen them in person. So here are a few favorites from their beautiful, elegant, intimate wedding at the Sorrento Hotel just […]


I’m visiting my family in DC this week, but here’s a shot I took before I left. It’s of my sparkly fake Christmas tree back home in Seattle. Merry Christmas! I’ll be back from vacation on the 29th.