Wedding: Katie & Mike

Katie and Mike had a tiny, beautiful, family-only wedding ceremony in Discovery Park. We followed up with a fun set of portraits of the freshly married and crazy-in-love couple, walking all over the park and having fun with all the gorgeous scenery. Have a look!

Sneak Peek from Michaela & Joe’s Wedding

Joy & Will’s Wedding

Joy and Will’s wedding was awesome. They had a great group of friends helping out with flowers and decorations. And they were up for all kinds of creative things like doing a  photobooth, a time-lapse video, and a group shot of everyone at the wedding from the balcony at the Mount Baker Community Center (scroll down to […]

Joy & Will’s Wedding Time-Lapse

I’m so excited–this is my first time doing a time-lapse video! Here’s Joy & Will’s wedding from start to finish, all in 35 seconds. See it full size here.

Joy & Will’s Photobooth

Will and Joy’s wedding was SO much fun and they were up for tons of creative stuff including a time-lapse video of the day that I’ll be sharing soon along with the rest of their wedding images. But for right now I couldn’t resist showing a few of my favorites from their photobooth…enjoy! Looks like […]

Emily & Ryan on the Bride’s Cafe

I was so pleased to see that Emily & Ryan’s wedding was featured on the Bride’s Cafe’s this morning! See the whole thing here.

Wedding Faves: Dancing

So I was recently thinking about how one of my favorite parts of a wedding is the dancing. The way it brings out silly moments and tender moments. The way all the generations get up out of their seats and enjoy themselves together. The way it can be a moment of quiet togetherness for a […]

Brandell & Drew on Offbeat Bride!

I’m so excited–one of my weddings has been featured on Offbeat Bride! It’s Brandell & Drew’s wedding and you can check out Offbeat Bride’s write-up here.

Wedding: Brandell & Drew

I’ve been taking photos of Brandell & Drew for years. First when they were pregnant, then after they had Cadence, and ever since then. I love this family. Love love love. When they decided to get married I was so excited to photograph that milestone for them. When I arrived at Camp Burton on their wedding […]

We Heart Sharlane

Sharlane is a friend and fellow wedding photographer and she’s in a really rough spot. Think cancer plus no health insurance plus young daughter to take care of, and you get the basic idea. So some of her friends have put together a fundraiser, “We Heart Sharlane,” to help her out at this incredibly tough […]